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investment 在英語-中文(繁體)詞典中的翻譯

Until then heavy capital investment in scientific research had been mainly limited to state-corporate sponsorship of chemistry, where the practical dividends were very apparent.

However, it also encouraged corporate investment in safety, arguing that it would save money in the long run.

External benefits and costs that may be related to such investments are ignored since rational farmers are unlikely to be concerned about off-site effects.

Apparently, these types of pension funds are able to manage their investment more efficiently than the other categories : industry 投資英文 funds have lower costs.

It has also created a system where getting into politics is a business venture, with business plans and an expected rate of return on investment.

The subsequent negative investment flow makes the real income decreasing during the stable adjustment.

As pointed out earlier, higher priority may be given to directing commercial credit to non-environmental investments.

invest in industrial enterprises 投资于工业

investment in capital construction; 基本建设投资

cut back investment; 削减投资


  1. 照我的和大多数人的看法,这是很可靠的投资。
    In my opinion and in the opinion of most people, it is a very sound investment.
  2. 你最好不要冒险投资这么多。
    You had 投資英文 better not invest so much money at your peril.
  3. 她由于投资精明而积蓄了一笔财产。
    By investing wisely she accumulated a fortune.
  4. 由于投资少,我们的工业生产一直停滞不前。
    Due to low investment, our industrial output has remained stagnant.
  5. 政府正在试图吸引更多资金投资到造船业方面来。
    The government is trying to attract more investment into the shipbuilding industry.
  6. 我不会把我的钱投资到他的公司。
    I won't invest my money in his company.
  7. 这笔钱主要投资于政府公债上。
    The money is invested principally in government stock.
  8. 古玩是一种非常保险的投资对象。
    Antiques are a very safe investment.


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1. 基金:Fund
2. 指數股票型基金:ETF(Exchange Traded Funds)
3. 債券:Bond
4. 可轉換公司債:Convertible Bond
5. 期貨:Futures
6. 普通股:Common/Ordinary Stock
7. 特別股:Preferred Stock
8. 庫藏股:Treasury Stock
9. 選擇權:Options 投資英文
10. 買權:Call Option (或稱買入選擇權、看漲選擇權)
11. 賣權:Put Option (或稱賣出選擇權、看空選擇權)
12. 外匯:Foreign Exchange
13. 匯率:Exchange Rate
14. 中央銀行:Central Bank
15. 投資銀行:Investment Bank
16. 商業銀行:Commercial Bank
17. 證券交易所:Stock Exchange

股票市場、財經報導相關詞彙 投資英文

1. 台灣證交所:TWSE(Taiwan Stock Exchange)
2. 紐約證交所:NYSE(New York Stock Exchange)
3. 道瓊工業平均指數:DJIX (Dow Jones Industrial Average index)
4. 標準普爾500指數:S&P500 (Standard & Poor's 500)
5. 那斯達克綜合指數:NASDAQ Composite(National Association 投資英文 of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Composite)
6. 開盤價:Opening Price 投資英文
7. 收盤價:Closing Price
8. 漲停:Limit Up
9. 跌停:Limit Down
10. 買價:Bid Price
11. 賣價:Ask Price / Offer Price
12. 看漲;作多 Long (Long Position)
13. 看跌;作空 Short (投資英文 Short Position)
14. 賣空:Short Sale (電影-大賣空The Big Short)
15. 盤後交易:After-Hour Trading (After-Market Trading)
16. 違約:Breach of Contract / Default
17. 首次公開發行(募股):IPO(Initial Public Offering)
18. 上市公司:Listed 投資英文 Company
19. 上櫃公司:OTC (Over-The-Counter) Company
20. 除權:XR(Exclude Right)
21. 除息:XD(Exclude Dividend)
22. 除權除息(同時):DR (Dividend + Right)
23. 減資:Capital Reduction
24. 增資:Capital Increase (現金增資Cash Capital Increase)
25. 股東會:Shareholders’Meeting
26. 股票股利:Stock Dividend
27. 現金股利:Cash dividend
28. 信用評等:Credit Rating (3大國際評級機構:穆迪Moody's、標準普爾Standard & Poor's和惠譽國際Fitch Rating)


1. 財政年度:Fiscal Year
2. 資產負債表:Balance Sheet
3. 損益表:Income Statement
4. 現金流量表:Statement of Cash Flows
5. 年增率:YoY(Year over Year)
6. 季增率:QoQ(Quarter over Quarter)
7. 每股現金盈餘:EPS(Earning Per Share)
8. 殖利率:Dividend Yield
9. 資產報酬率:ROA(Return on Asset)
10. 股東權益報酬率:ROE(Return on Equity)
11. 投資報酬率:ROI(Return on Investment)
12. 本益比:P/E ratio
13. 應收帳款:Accounts Receivable
14. 應付帳款:Accounts Payable
15. 銷貨收入(營業收入):Gross Sales
16. 銷貨折讓/折扣/退回Sales Allowances/Discounts/Returns.
17. 銷貨淨額(營業收入淨額):Net Sales
18. 銷貨成本(營業成本):Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) or Cost of Sales
19. 營業毛利:Gross Profit
20. 營業費用:Operating Expenses
21. 研究發展:R&D(Research and Development)
22. 營業損益(利益/損失):Operating Income (Profit/Loss)
23. 營業外收支淨額:Net Non-Operating Income
24. 稅前淨利(損):Pre-Tax Income ( Income Before Tax)
25. 稅後淨利(損):Net Income (Profit/Loss)
26. 折舊:Depreciation
27. 攤銷:Amortization
28. 稅前息前淨利:EBIT(Earnings Before Interest and Tax)
29. 稅前息前折舊攤銷前淨利:EBITDA(Earnings Before Interest, Tax, 投資英文 投資英文 Depreciation and Amortization)


1. 銷貨淨額=銷貨總額–銷貨折讓/折扣/退回 (17 = 15 - 16)
2. 營業毛利=銷貨淨額–銷貨成本 (19 = 17 - 18)
3. 營業損益=營業毛利–營業費用 (22 = 19 - 20)
4. 稅前淨利(損)=營業損益+營業外收支淨額 (24 = 22 + 23)
5. 稅後淨利(損)=稅前淨利(損) (25 = 24 - 繳稅)
6. EBIT 投資英文 = 稅後淨利 + 繳稅 + 利息(支出)
7. EBIEDA = EBIT + 折舊(支出) + 攤銷(支出)